About us

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The development of various industries makes it also increases the requirements relating to the environment, safety and health in the workplace. These factors point to the fact that the demand for “clean air” now and in the future will be of prime importance.

Many years of experience of ECO ROLF translates into solutions adapted to individual needs. Preparation of tenders and execution is carried out in close cooperation with the client. We attach particular importance to the selection of a suitable filter or device to be able to offer durable, efficient and financially attractive solution.

We offer not only the most favorable offer price of our devices, but above all access to the largest assortment of high quality products.

ROLF ECO is a modern, flexible and dynamic company. Qualified personnel with technical knowledge are a guarantee of full and professional customer service, from the presentation of the issue until its dissolution. We are not only providing appropriate filtering and ventilation devices, but primarily we provide professional advice on the application of appropriate and effective technical solutions. We have our own design office – technology in which we use the latest systems to achieve high efficiency both in the design phase and production. We employ highly qualified personnel, which guarantees us to develop projects that meet established requirements and standards. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Our team consists of professionals with experience in this industry, both in the technical consulting as well as systems design and installation of equipment.